Love City

Fun fact of the day… All of the USVIs have nicknames.  St. Thomas AKA Rock City, St. Croix AKA Twin City *shout out to my Minnesotan twin cities,* and our new home of St. John is also known as Love City. Maybe STJ got its nickname because of the founders who loved the land and […]

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Hippies in Paradise

I’ve been lucky enough to call Water Island my home for three weeks now! Tucked away in the lush hillside of the island you’ll find a couple of happy hippies hanging out underneath prayer flags, fun paintings, and immersed in all of the flora and fauna of the Caribbean. The retreat has a very calming […]

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From Desert to Ocean

Out of the desert and over the ocean to the USVI we gooooo! The past five weeks in Terlingua have flown by! Time to say goodbye to the beautiful Big Bend and the ghost town. I was lucky enough to snag a job waitressing and hosting at the one and only, Starlight Theatre. Live music […]

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Viva Terlingua

*Check out a recap of my rookie season as a raft guide on the Ark* Before I get to Terlingua, I should confirm that our end of season river trips were awesome! (Like that needed confirmation…) Our quick two nights on Ruby-Horsethief with AAE owner Mike were relaxing – minus the first campsite having approximately nine […]

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The Take Out

Only a few more days left of the 2015 rafting season! I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone… Lately, it has been very slow at the outpost and the water keeps on dropping. I’m sure I will only have a few more trips down Browns Canyon until next summer. Thankfully, we’ve still got the […]

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Off River

Woo-hoo low water is here! It’s a whopping 650 CFS today in Browns Canyon – who wants to get stuck on some rocks?! July was super busy at AAE and I’ve almost made it to 500 commercial river miles. Now it is starting to slow down a little bit and I’m getting time to explore […]

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