Adulting (v): to throw yourself off a bridge and into real-life tasks such as a 8-5 job, paying the bills, and other grown-up responsibilities.

When I decide to do something I typically dive right into it (see above photo), which is how I treated going back to an office job last fall. I thought I would enjoy adulting with a M-F office job a bit more this time since the office is in an amazing mountain town in Colorado. But I have been reading The 4-Hour Workweek  (finally, after many recommendations) and it has reignited my wanderlust as well as fueling my millennial quarter-life crisis. (Note: this is a real thing! Google it.)

I have been working away at my 40+ hour/week job and do appreciate many of the benefits, but also wonder if I should have gone back to the USVI, or if I should be going back on the river to guide this summer, or just generally why I am working this job, sitting in an office all day, doing something I’m not passionate about. All of my coulda-shoulda-wouldas definitely do not help me be mindful or present nor do they help with my day to day happiness. I know this. But man is it hard when you spend maybe too much time on social media and develop serious FOMO. Obviously peoples’ Instagram feeds don’t accurately depict their daily life, mine included, yet continuous scrolling can have an unhealthy affect on your attitude. [That’s probably a different topic entirely, but let’s just think of it in terms of to adult or not to adult today]

Take this video for example:

I’ve seen that vid on Facebook time and time again. Is it inspiring? Totally. But does it also make you feel shitty for working your lame 8-5? Um, yeah. And maybe that’s the point? But it’s a lot easier said than done to quit whatever you’re doing and “follow your dreams.” Whatever that means.

A lot of blogs/podcasts/#inspirational posts are focused on this topic of telling you to follow your passion, shoot for the stars, take a chance, and various other clichés. But what if I don’t really know what my passion is to follow? Does that mean I should just continue working my office job because I get some good benefits? I don’t really think so…


I follow a couple of pretty awesome podcasts and blogs that focus on how to follow your passion and give advice on some of life’s challenges. The podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job suggests asking yourself some questions to get started on the path to your passion-driven dream job. For example:

  1. What do you want from life?
  2. What are you good at?

Your answers can help you focus on what to build a career around. For me, I want free time to travel and be able to make my own schedule, and I think I’m good at planning, cooking, and coaching/doing fitness. Sweet – I’m done! 😉

Now how do I make a fun and flexible career out of fitness, planning and lots of paid vacation? And on the flip-side, other find-your-passion bloggers say you shouldn’t need vacation time if you follow your dreams because you’re doing what you love every day or some bullshit like that. But come on! You’re telling me Beyoncé wouldn’t like to get paid without doing that one show in a lame city in Nebraska?* Puhleaze.

So, what then? I guess that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I’m signing a new lease to stay in this beautiful little mountain town for another year and I’m going to give myself that time to re-vamp my “life plan” and come up with a map/plan/guideline to do something that excites me.

Do I want to travel the world? Yes! Do I want to continue my fitness goals with CrossFit? Imma get swole! Do I want more freedom with how I make money and to feel good about what I do with my time? For sure. Now I just need to figure out a way to balance these desires with adulting. And I will do this knowing full well what they say about the best laid plans and try to embrace the road blocks that are sure to pop up! Stay tuned and wish me luck…


*Sorry Nebraska, I just hate driving through you

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