Let’s Go Rafting

People have begun wearing sandals with their puffy jackets, the Arkansas River is just above 32 degrees, and unwashed hippies are starting to inhabit the bars, all of which can only mean one thing… It’s almost summertime in the beautiful mountain town of Buena Vista.

Archie and I are all settled in his truck bed pop up camper #upgrade and I’ve done two runs down Browns Canyon.

Cooking dinner in the camper

The rafting season starts out pretty slow (since it’s still freezing cold here) so I’ve mostly been helping Archie and co-head boatman, Bowlin, get the shop ready. I can’t wait to take my first commercial trip and see if I still know how to guide a boat… Good luck to my first custies! 😉

I’m writing this post on May 11th, 2016, which is exactly one year after I drove out to the North outpost of AAE and pitched my tent before rookie training started. WOAH.

My first day in BV 2015, driving up to the continental divide

I can’t believe where I was just one year ago and how much has happened in that time. I had never even really been camping before moving into my tent and had only been whitewater rafting one time in New Zealand. I was scared as hell at this time last year and second guessing every choice I made. It feels so good to look back and think, HELL YEAH – I f***ing did it! Not to mention lived in the Caribbean for half the year and made it back alive without any liver/mosquito diseases!

And now I’m back in my favorite place that I’ve ever lived! The more experienced guides say your second year is where things start to come together. Not everything is new anymore and I have some idea what I’m doing. I can’t wait to get going and strengthen my guiding skills and river knowledge and drink everyone’s beer fines. So, people, come visit me and let’s go rafting!

**Check out my year 2 updates on the other pages from the menu tab**


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