The first rule of CrossFit…

Returning to driving on the right side of the road has taken some serious focus and I almost opened a beer while driving the other day. Island habits die hard…

In case you missed it –> My Winter

It has been a little while since I posted, probably due to the fact that I am in between travels. I came back to the states by way of Austin, spent a few days there, then drove to Alpine, TX and am here for a couple of weeks before heading back to Colorado. While in Alpine, Archie and I have been working away on remodeling the bathroom in his dad’s house. My official work title is the reluctant shelf (credit: Libby Collins ).


When I’m not reluctantly shelfing, you can find me at Big Hill CrossFit. WOW does it feel great to be back on a CrossFit routine! Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the simplicity of the island gym, but it wasn’t quite as motivating as having a coach and friends cheer you on to get one more rep before the buzzer.

I was pretty nervous to go back to a CrossFit box in the states, but the CF community never fails to amaze me. I could feel the camaraderie the moment I walked into Big Hill CF and have received great support from the coaches and fellow athletes.

big hill

Although I did try to keep a decent workout schedule on island, I thought that drinking rum all winter and my many days of sitting on the beach would seriously decrease all of my PRs (personal records). Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I was even able to RX a WOD this week (use the prescribed amount of weight)! It feels good to be detoxing from island life and getting back on the fitness train. Plus, I gotta make sure my muscles are ready to take on the whitewater this summer!

I wasn’t sure what to write about while I’m in this carpentry/remodeling/purgatory/ between traveling space, so I thought I’d share the first rule of CrossFit with you all…

Tell everyone about CrossFit.

You’re welcome.




One thought on “The first rule of CrossFit…

  1. Hee hee! Always a good read, my clever niece. You make me proud, and are a chip off the many reluctant shelves (I proudly consider myself amongst the stacked! ;)!

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