BVIs, birthdays, and bar tending

I don’t know if you saw my awesome video… But I had a pretty fabulous birthday last week! It was my first time visiting the British Virgin Islands and definitely won’t be my last. We first stopped at the iconic Foxy’s and we were able to meet Foxy himself! He spoke entirely in rhyme and tailored his rhymes to the places we were from in the states. Needless to say, it was a very memorable moment and, I’m told, pretty rare.

And that van sitting so picturesquely out back…. 


We also stopped at White Beach, home of the Soggy Dollar Bar, which is where our fav beverage the Painkiller was invented.


Painkiller: Cruzan dark rum, Coco Lopez, pineapple juice, and a splash of OJ, shaken. Topped with nutmeg and a cherry. 

I make at least a dozen painkillers every bar tending shift at Woody’s since they are a staple of the Virgin Islands. Bar tending has been going very well! It’s fun to work at the only “country” bar on the island especially when we’ve heard that Florida Georgia Line is on island… Come stop by guys!!! 😉

It was a little slower this week and people have been saying it was because of the blizzard on the east coast. Most of the tourists who come down are from New England, and many of the flights out of that area were cancelled. Also, the CDC recently posted a travel warning for the USVI due to the Zika virus spreading. I don’t know anyone who has been affected, but it sure doesn’t sound awesome. I’m guessing it will be busier next week and keep on raging through spring break. Anyone who is up for escaping the snow should definitely still come down here and visit 🙂 I mean look at the color of that water…



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