Love City

Fun fact of the day… All of the USVIs have nicknames. 

St. Thomas AKA Rock City, St. Croix AKA Twin City *shout out to my Minnesotan twin cities,* and our new home of St. John is also known as Love City. Maybe STJ got its nickname because of the founders who loved the land and protected 2/3 of the island as national park, or maybe because everyone who visits falls in love with the white sand beaches, or perhaps as my coworker put it, “everyone who comes over here is with their significant other.”  Whatever the reason, the nickname fits!

I’m still in training for the kayak/hike/snorkel tours at EcoTours, but hope to start taking solo tours next week. It is awesome to be working on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and getting my workout at work everyday! #fitness My coworkers are amazing and I’m pumped to be part of such great crew. I already know more than I ever thought possible about the fish, plants, and history of St. John.  


The only bummer about the job is that we heavily rely on tips and some guests don’t know that. Since I have more bills now that we moved into an apartment I might have to get a second job, but I’m going to wait and see if it picks up some more as we get closer to Christmas. Did I mention there are currently five guys living in the four bedroom apartment + me? I miss the sorority house…

Following summer and doing the seasonal gigs is cool and I’m happy to be living the guide lifestyle, but it’s not without its challenges. It’s stressful to move around frequently and becoming a guide always requires hefty training and quizzes and, therefore, a big learning curve before you can start actually making money. But that’s life! There are pros and cons to every choice. Right now those small struggles are definitely worth it to be spending the winter months on a beautiful Carribean island.

History training – Annaberg sugar ruins

One thought on “Love City

  1. Glad you’re seeing the world, and getting to keep your body and mind strong. There are challenges and trade-offs in everything as you move through life, career, and relationships, and it’s cool you’re experiencing the sunny side as well as a few clouds. Those cloudy days will make the best weather even better. Love you, dear CC!


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