Hippies in Paradise

I’ve been lucky enough to call Water Island my home for three weeks now! Tucked away in the lush hillside of the island you’ll find a couple of happy hippies hanging out underneath prayer flags, fun paintings, and immersed in all of the flora and fauna of the Caribbean. The retreat has a very calming atmosphere and is filled with beautiful, loving people. All of the rooms are open air and we rely solely on rain catchment for our water. There is a great community here and everyone is very connected with the island’s natural environment. 

As part of our Work Away project, Archie and I have built two 3×2.5×10 ft. above ground garden beds. We have also done some landscaping, gardening, cooking/cleaning, and taken care of the chickens. We are located in the thick of the tropical fauna surrounded by hermit crabs, tortoises, chickens, lizards, and, of course, many bugs. But it’s a quick 10 minute walk to Honeymoon Beach, so we’re able to cool off in the ocean every day.

Water island has two awesome beach bars/restaurants, but other than that it is pretty isolated. The process we followed to get groceries the other day is as follows: drive the golf cart to Amber’s dinghy, take the dinghy across to St. Thomas, hop in Amber’s truck, drive the winding, speed limit-free roads to the store, and repeat in reverse order. And that’s if we’re lucky and one of our hosts with a boat/automobile needs to go! Despite the lengthy commute, it is pretty fun to have so many opportunities to be on a boat 🙂  Speaking of boats, we were lucky enough to have the chance to go out on Tribal, our host’s son’s charter boat. It was amazing!! 

As for our next plan, we spent last Sunday in St. John and immediately fell in love with the island. It has a bit more going on than Water Island, but seems much more chill than the bustling metropolis that is St. Thomas. While we were there we had a trial run with a sea kayak/snorkel tour company. It went very well,  we had a blast and are moving over there on Tuesday!

It will be sad to leave this wonderful space, but I’m very excited to take on a new work opportunity. We will have new bills and rent to pay, but also a very fun job and work environment. I keep seeing examples of how money is the least likely thing that could make you happy and actually seems to make people unhappy… I will be OK if I return to the states in the spring totally broke because it is worth it to have such eye opening, fun, scary, and exciting winter adventures.

Wealth is having the ability to fully experience life. – Henry David Thoreau


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