From Desert to Ocean

Out of the desert and over the ocean to the USVI we gooooo!

The past five weeks in Terlingua have flown by! Time to say goodbye to the beautiful Big Bend and the ghost town. I was lucky enough to snag a job waitressing and hosting at the one and only, Starlight Theatre. Live music every night, amazing food, and some badass coworkers. Working nights there was the perfect short-term gig that allowed me to make some cash and kept me very busy while also being a ton of fun! I will definitely miss the Starlight crew.


Archie and I are heading over to Austin this weekend to hang out there for a few days before we fly out. Then we’ll check in with our first class non-stop tickets to St. Thomas! … Just kidding… We’ve got about 24 hours of travel including two quite long layovers before we arrive the next morning to our destination.

The plan is to spend the first month (at least) at the 4 Elements Culinary & Wellness Center on Water Island. *Check out their airbnb here* I hope to work on expanding their on-site garden and help with their farm to table education programs. Putting those Ag Business and Environmental Studies degrees back to work! 🙂 After that first month, I honestly have no idea as to what we will do next. Hopefully we can find some other Work Away placements and combine that with some part-time paying jobs. This is the first time I’ve ever bought a one-way ticket and am hoping I won’t need to purchase a return flight until the spring!

“A new adventure is coming up and I’m sure it will be a good one” – Sig Olson


3 thoughts on “From Desert to Ocean

  1. Darling niece, as always, it’s wonderful to get the latest update (though catching up by phone was even better and I was glad the ruin had reception!) So proud of you and love learning about how you interpret the world around you. Keep it coming! Love you.


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