Viva Terlingua

*Check out a recap of my rookie season as a raft guide on the Ark*

Before I get to Terlingua, I should confirm that our end of season river trips were awesome! (Like that needed confirmation…) Our quick two nights on Ruby-Horsethief with AAE owner Mike were relaxing – minus the first campsite having approximately nine trillion mosquitoes. Oh, and I lost my GoPro cliff jumping on our second day. It was a bummer but also an excellent sacrifice to the Colorado River Gods right before our Cataract Canyon trip. The sacrifice definitely worked because our 8-day trip down Cat was badass. We floated 96 miles in total with one full day of class IV rapids. Going through the canyon was absolutely beautiful with breathtaking views everywhere you looked.

With all the rafts settled in for hibernation back in the boathouse, the AAE outpost is officially shut down and I had to say goodbye to the Collegiate Peaks and the Arkansas.

Like I mentioned in my previous post “The Take Out,” my next stop… TEXAS! Archie and I took our time driving down to Texas and visited the Carlsbad Caverns (which I would highly recommend) and his hometown, Alpine, TX.

I’m now typing this post from our ruin in Terlingua hoping my battery doesn’t die because we have no electricity. There’s also no plumbing so we use a composting toilet and can haul water from down the street. I gotta say it is better than the groover we used on the river trips! There’s even a shower so that’s one step up from the summer 🙂

Shower hut
Shower hut
Toilet with a view
Toilet with a view

Terlingua, Texas is a ghost town just 13 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border as the crow flies. Population according to the last census: 58. No, not 58 hundred. Just 58 people. Good thing they’re all cool hippies! Archie has a lease on a ruin just outside the ghost town that he’s rented for the past seven years.


The ruin is made from adobe with one big room and another smaller enclosed area outside the door with no roof. It is very open and a really nice living space with good airflow thanks to the handmade revolving windows Archie installed. Although it is still quite hot living in the Chihuahua desert.

Master Bedroom

We are pretty settled in here now and securing jobs so we can make a little money before we head off to the USVI in November!

The adventure continues!

Not a bad view


One thought on “Viva Terlingua

  1. As always, so fascinating to hear about how you’re spending your time. Helped celebrate your mom’s bday last night – spoke of your ‘immortality’ right now, though all of us hope the rattlers leave you alone! Love you tons and tons and tons you adventurer!!!


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