The Take Out

Only a few more days left of the 2015 rafting season! I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone… Lately, it has been very slow at the outpost and the water keeps on dropping. I’m sure I will only have a few more trips down Browns Canyon until next summer.

Thankfully, we’ve still got the end of year river trips to look forward to! After Labor Day, AAE’s owner is taking all of us on an overnight trip on the Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado River. After we take out from that trip, some of us are putting right back in for an 8 day trip down Cataract Canyon through Canyonlands National Park in Utah. So at least there is still about a month left of rafting for me 🙂

But after Labor Day I am officially unemployed! Thankfully, I finally have plans for the winter. My boyfriend, Archie, and I secured a Work Away ( placement on Water Island off of St. Thomas in the USVI. First, we’re going to head down to Terlingua, TX to work for about a month then take off for our assignment down in the Caribbean, mon! We’ll be working on a permaculture farm/health & wellness center that focuses on the four elements of the Earth and farm to table education. They have over an acre of land featuring a yoga deck, chicken coop, hydroponic garden, 9 raised garden beds, 4 cottages and a professional outdoor kitchen with a view. We will be helping expand their permaculture system and education program.

Water Island

This has without a doubt been the best summer of my life. Looking back, I can’t believe I was so scared, nervous, anxious and totally freaking out about making such a change in my life. I am SO glad that I was brave enough to take the plunge because I have never been happier. If you aren’t loving what you do each day and the people you are surrounded by – change it! It’s like in training when we constantly had to get out of the raft and swim intimidating rapids. If I learned anything, it’s that swimming Seidel’s Suckhole isn’t that bad and you feel like a badass when you’re done! What I mean by that is, making hard decisions or taking a big risk seems really scary, but the reward is usually worth it. In my case, the reward was infinite.

What’s stopping you? That’s right, nothing.



One thought on “The Take Out

  1. My darling name-sharer and niece, you’re constantly disrupting the status quo, challenging yourself and others to view and do differently. I’m proud of you for seeking the most from your experience on the planet and hope you find all that you’re looking for! Surely the adventures you have along the way will do much to sustain you and help you press onward later. I know! Love you so much. A. Cair

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