High Water

High water has arrived on the Arkansas! Today was a record breaking 5200 CFS in Browns Canyon. A basketball is about one cubic foot, so picture 5,200 basketballs rushing past you each second. Some people think we will get above 6000 CFS in the next week, making this year the highest water summer since 1995. I picked quite the year to learn how to be a raft guide!


We now have a safety kayaker or a safety boat on every trip we send out. I’ve been on the water every day either safety boating Browns Canyon or learning the Lower Browns section, which we are moving many customers to due to the water levels. Since the river has come up, first year guides are getting a few less trips (probably a good thing) so I got a second job as a server at the local brewpub, Eddyline Brewery. Come stop by if you want a beer 🙂

Most of the rookies are now checked out as official guides and taking commercial trips. Shout out to the half of our 2015 crew who went down to our south outpost, we miss you in BV!


Wears you paddle? Sure does.
Wears you paddle? Sure does.
I’m definitely looking forward to FIBArk (First in Boating the Arkansas) this weekend. It’s a huge festival in Salida with whitewater races, live music, and shenanigans. Taco and I are volunteering at the beer tent Saturday night to make sure our AAE coworkers have a good time so hope to see you out there!


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