Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

car drive

I made it to Colorado! Mostly thanks to my wonderful parents helping me make the drive. We had a fantastic long weekend in Denver and got to check out my brother and sister-in-law’s new apartment ❤


It has been amazing to feel such support from my friends and family for this atypical life choice I’ve made. When people say they are envious, I usually smile back and say “thank you, I’m excited!” but on the inside I was usually saying, “WTF am I doing.”

The first real WTF moment I had was when I was home in MN after quitting my job in Wisconsin and I was trying out my camping equipment. I originally bought a super light backpacking stove that fit in the palm of my hand. But as I squatted over a piece of chicken breast not nearly large enough to qualify as a snack, slowly cooking in my barbie doll sized pan, I thought, I’m going to starve this summer if I have to cook all my food with this…


The second time I was cursing myself in my head was the day before I drove from Denver to BV. It had been rainy and chilly for a few days in Denver and then on Saturday, pouring rain turned to sleet, which turned to snow. So there I was scraping snow off my little, ice skate-like, two wheel drive car the day before I was going to travel further into the snowy mountains to live outside in a tent.

 Luckily, most of my problems can be solved with a trip to REI. But now I am out in Buena Vista (population: 2,617 – elevation: 8,000 ft – closest REI: 100 miles). When I arrived in BV, I discovered our two wonderful porta potties and complete lack of showers. My chances of ending the summer with dreads just increased dramatically.

I really do appreciate all of the support for my decision to move out here and I am 100% positive that I will have a plethora of WTF moments before the summer is over. But it’s these moments that I think will make me laugh out loud a couple of months from now. After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

… But the destination is pretty freakin’ sweet, too!

Got first dibs on tent location


Bocce ball with a view!
Continental Divide

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